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Top 5 Awesome Email Marketing Tricks


In a world where we now have apps, push notifications and instant messages you may think email marketing is an out-of-date technology.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like most technologies, support for emails has been improving. The amount of awesome little tricks you can develop in emails is ever increasing.

5 awesome email marketing tricks

1. Did you know that some email clients now support background videos in emails? There is very limited support for this, but it is a cool little trick all the same.To know more information check SEO Company in London.

2. You can create animated SVGs right in an email and animate email signatures without making use of GIFs. Again there is limited support for this, so you will need to make sure you have good fallbacks in place.

3. With the tracking you can do in direct marketing emailers, customer surveys and competition entries are extremely easy to run and easy for customers to complete.

With one click of a button you have the information you need (who clicked on the button and what button they clicked). You may have seen this on Takealot.

After you purchase a product from them they send an email asking you to rate their service and they display ten buttons asking you to rate their service on a level from one to ten.

We have run similar email campaigns for our clients with great participation and engagement.

4. Mark Robbins was able to create a little email game. When you received the email you could play this game right in your email. There was no need to go to a web page (Thwack a Vole).

5. Did you know that you can design mobile responsive emailers? This is a great way to ensure the user experience of someone receiving a marketing email is a great one.For more details on SEO Services check Planetm

The reason you may think email marketing is an old-school technology is probably because most people are using out-of-date mail clients. Older versions of Microsoft Outlook use Microsoft Word to display HTML emails.

This severely hampers the way you want to display your emails, as unfortunately many people still use this to view their emails. This makes designing emails difficult as you need to design them with these people in mind.

However, there are some great tools out there to ensure your emails get to the viewer as intended. Litmus has some great tools that allow you to view how emails look on a wide range of email clients.

This is great for testing and refining your code to accommodate all the email clients, as well as mobile and desktop users.

So if you are looking to create a personalised, easy-to-use email survey or competition and you are keen to engage with your database, consider using email marketing.

Email marketing is just one of the services we offer, so get in touch and let us help you tailor an entire campaign to suit your needs.

Ford Figo Aspire Hatchback First Look Review

Offers On Ford Figo Aspire In Hyderabad


Ford Figo Aspire Overview

Though the popularity of SUVs is reigning over the demand for sedans globally, there’s one particular segment of these three-box style vehicle that refuses to go down. I am talking about the sub-compact, under-4-meter sedan segment, of which India is the birthplace. Propelled by the tax rebates, this segment had and still has all the major car manufacturers gunning for it. As a result of this, we now have up to 6 models of different makes competing with each other in order to grab the biggest slice of the pie.

However, just like other budget segments, it is Maruti Suzuki that currently has the biggest portion in its plate. That said, there are customers with different requirements in the market and hence multiple options exist. One such interesting option is the Ford Aspire. The 2018 Ford Aspire has recently joined Express Drives’ long term fleet. This car is a perfect example of what you would call as an underdog.

Based on the Figo hatchback, the Aspire received its mid-life facelift last year wherein we saw it getting a minor exterior makeover, some additional features and an all-new petrol engine option. It is this very derivative, with the manual gearbox, that we will we evaluating over the course of time across varied parameters.

Ford Figo Aspire Exteriors

The original Ford Aspire (available only in America) from the 1990s was essentially a basic stripped out car for the entry level buyer and it looked like one. This new namesake thankfully does not. In fact, the new Aspire is one of the more handsome looking cars in its class especially when viewed from the front. With its large ‘Aston Martin’ inspired grille festooned in chrome in typical Ford design language. The large headlamps are not as well detailed as we would have like them to be but aren’t bad looking either. That said, although not immediately evident too, is the fact that the lower half of the front bumper does look a little abrupt and stubby which might not appeal to few. Although we expected a daytime running light option, there isn’t one and neither is there a projector headlamp setup, which is a bit of a disappointment.

The side profile of the Ford Figo Aspire is nicely sculpted and makes the most use of a well defined waistline to break up the mass of the car. The slightly flared wheel arches too look right in place.In fact, the Aspire is a genuinely well designed car that looks like it was intended to take the form that is currently is in as compared to some of the other cars in the category that look like a cut and paste job.The simple and elegant design continues around the back with considerably flat and yet well layered bootlid and bumper combination. The large chrome strip on the boot though will certainly attract the typical Indian customer. That said, the rear end does look a tad bit too plain-jane and could have certainly been tarted up a little bit more. The wheels, a set of 14-inch alloy wheels too look inspired from the older Fiesta sedan and are not as exciting as some of Ford’s other products.

Ford Figo Aspire Interiors

The Ford Figo Aspire gets a dashboard that follows Ford’s recent design philosophy to the T. The Aspire gets a prominent V design dashboard that houses an infotainment screen and an array of buttons which control the phone and media controls.Essentially, the insides of the Ford Aspire looks very similar to the likes of the Ford EcoSport and the Ford Fiesta. We also like the well sculpted steering wheel and instrument cluster binnacles.We particularly like the actual speedometer and tachometer console too which is both clear to read and displays all relevant information.Check for Ford Figo Aspire price in Bangalore at Tryaldrive.


Where the Figo Aspire does score extremely high is when it comes to storage spaces….of which there are 20 of them! In fact, there was clearly a lot of thought that was put into general storage options for this new car.Our favorite is a small cubbyhole on the side of your dashboard that you could put your phone in if you decide to leave it behind in your car. Talking about storage spaces, the large 359 litre boot and the huge glovebox which incidentally is large enough to fit a laptop into.Just like its bigger brother, the Aspire has a set of comfortable and yet sporty front seats that offer a good level of comfort.

We particularly like how the seats offer a good overall level of lumbar support which could be really helpful while traversing long distances.The rear seats in particular are the some of the best in its class and offer a considerable amount of space mainly due to the well sculpted front seats. Shoulder room and head room too is great considering this is still a sub 4-meter Sedan! And not to forget, the top of the line Ford Figo Aspire does come with a beige leather interior option which is a first in class feature.


The Ford Figo Aspire as expected comes loaded with all the possible gadgets that one might expect from a car in this category and then some. You obviously get Bluetooth telephony, an integrated audio infotainment system with phone controls and steering mounted audio controls. You also get a height adjustable steering wheel and driver’s seat along with electronically adjustable outside rear view mirrors with an electric folding option.


Ford has also taken an interesting approach to a smartphone mounting dock and integrated it well into the central dashboard architecture. You also get what Ford calls a MyKey which is essentially is like a central control over system settings like the speed limiter, seatbelt reminder and the infotainment volume limiter. The Ford Figo Aspire also comes with an automatic climate control and Ford’s SYNC applink that integrates your smart phone or tablet with the infotainment system. What really does impress us the most though are the safety features that the Ford Figo Aspire comes with. All versions of the Aspire come standard with ABS and two airbags. The top of the line Aspire on the other hand comes with a staggering six airbags which is a first for a car in this segment. The Figo also comes with additional features like hill start control, which too is a first in its class.

Ford Figo Aspire Performance

In an age of turbocharged engines, Ford still believes in naturally aspirated motors and the 1.2-litre engine is a clear example. It churns out 95 bhp and there’s 120 Nm of torque on offer. It’s great to drive because it’s got a strong mid- range so there’s good enough power at your disposal. In fact you don’t have to shift down all the time in order to overtake a slow moving vehicle. The petrol is mated to a new 5-speed manual unit that fits the bill. Gear shift action is well weighed and the gear lever slots into its place. The clutch is lighter than before, making it easier to drive even in stop/start traffic conditions. Even if you want to stretch the legs of this one and keep climbing on the speedometer, it’s very happy to do that.To know more details on Ford Figo Aspire check Aryavarta

High speed stability is commendable and there was no vibration on the steering wheel. There’s a bit of tyre noise and engine noise as the revs build but not too harsh to disturb the peace of the cabin.The petrol motor returns a fuel economy of 20.4 kmpl and that’s pretty impressive too. There’s also an automatic on offer but that’s with the more powerful 1.5 litre petrol motor. But sadly, we didn’t get to drive this one. The engine churns out 121 bhp and we really wish Ford brings this engine with a manual gear box. So an ‘Aspire S’, maybe?

There’s a diesel motor as well the tried and tested 1.5 litre. And I say tried and tested, because this motor does duty on the Figo, Ecosport, Freestyle and even the previous Aspire. It still makes 99 bhp and there’s 215 newton metres of torque. That torque kicks in pretty early too somewhere around 1800 rpm and so once you get past the initial lag it’s all smooth sailing. The response to the throttle input is fairly good and mid-range is extremely strong. The 5-speed gearbox slots in well and the clutch has always been light on this one. Sadly there is no automatic on offer on the diesel. Now the petrol might be great as a city car, the diesel will do well both on the highway and in the urban conditions and fuel economy is impressive too; 26 kilometres to the litre!

Ford Figo Aspire Driving

If that figure impressed you, the ride quality will too. The suspension on the Aspire facelift is very city biased and does well to handle the potholes and the speed bumps that you’d encounter. It’s only when you turn into a corner that you realise that this is very unlike a Ford because the suspension compresses to the limit and starts getting rigid; something rarely encountered on a Ford car. So, it’s not an enthusiast’s car because the steering feel lacks any emotion and you don’t feel involved as a driver. It does what it’s meant to do. It’s direct, precise, light and a treat to manoeuvre in and around the city and Ford has stuck to the brief of making a car that provides good space, has a long feature list and of course is low on cost when it comes to maintenance.

Ford Figo Aspire Safety

The Ford Aspire 2018 features standard dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, and seatbelt reminder for the driver and front passenger. The top-spec trim gets six airbags, emergency assistance, and the AT trim features hill launch assist, ESP and traction control system.

Ford Figo Aspire Cost in Bangalore

Ford Figo Aspire On Road Price is 6,56,157/- and Ex-showroom Price is 5,47,361/- in Bangalore. Ford Figo Aspire comes in 7 colours, namely Deep Impact Blue,Smoke Grey,Sparkling Gold,Tuxedo Black,Ruby Red,Oxford White,Ingot Silver. Ford Figo Aspire comes with FWD with 1196 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 87 bhp@6300 rpm and Peak Torque 112 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Ford Figo Aspire comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Ford Figo Aspire Conclusion

On the whole, the Ford Figo Aspire is a very good proposition. It isn’t run of the mill like its competition and certainly offers an angle of fun and excitement that some cars in the segment. It looks handsome, has well made interiors and drives well too. And on top of that it, it does have a set of features that not many other cars in India have.And did we mention how safe it is? All in all, as a culminated package, the Aspire might just have what it takes to repeat for Ford what the Ecosport did a few years ago. In our opinion, the Ford Figo Aspire is certainly a car to consider if you looking to buy a sub 4-meter compact sedan in the near future.

Why You Should Use PPC To Get Traffic On Ecommerce Site?


These days, there is an online store for almost everything in South Africa. If you run an ecommerce site then there is undoubtedly a lot of competition.

For example, how does Faithful to Nature get more traffic than Fresh Earth? So how can you make sure you get traffic to your website? One thing you can do is use PPC (pay per click) online advertising.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use PPC?

It will increase awareness of your online store

Even if someone does not actually click on your advertising, you will make more and more people aware of your online store and its brand.For Digital Marketing Company Check Vivid Digital.

When your market searches for specific products, your adverts will be shown to them if you have chosen to integrate those target keywords into your PPC campaign.

The more your market sees your brand, the more likely they are to remember it in future. The next time they are looking to buy something, there is a much higher chance of them finding their way to your store instead of a competitor store.

It will reach the right people

We’ve already alluded to this, but you can be very specific in how you target your PPC advertising. There are a number of different targeting options for PPC campaigns that can assist you in zoning in on the right people.

Who do you want to visit, shop and purchase on your online store?

You can choose many different demographics. For example, if you have an online store selling baby clothing and you also offer mom and baby classes in the Fourways area, you can target mothers who live in Sandton, Johannesburg.

It is easy to manage

A PPC advertising campaign is easy to set up and manage.For Web development services in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy

Once the campaign is running it is then simple to track clicks and conversion rates, and you can quickly make edits to ensure the campaign works most effectively for you.

It is cost-efficient

The advantage of PPC is that you only pay for the clicks and you can create a campaign that caters for your unique budget.

Also, because you are reaching the right people and it’s easy to manage, you are inevitably making your budget work best for you.

It will get you the right traffic

Finally, it will not only get traffic to your ecommerce store, it will get the right traffic. We’ve already touched on this, but PPC is a must if you want to drive the relevant traffic to your online store.

You don’t just want traffic – people who will just drive past your store. You want traffic that will stop at your store, fshop and purchase what you’re offering.

Once they purchase (and have had a positive experience), they are more likely to purchase again in the future, as well as recommend your website to others.To know more details on SEO Services visit Agropedia

Now that you know why you should use PPC, chat to us about setting up an advertising campaign for your online business. If you still need to develop your ecommerce website, we can also assist you with that.

What Happens If You Leave The United States Before Your H-1B Change Of Status Petition Has Been Approved?

H1B visa staffing & recruiting agency

The H-1B Change of Status Petition has 2 components: 1) the component conferring H-1B status, and 2) the component changing your status.

If you leave the U.S. while your H-1B petition is pending, USCIS may approve the component conferring H-1B status, but the change of status component will be considered abandoned, and your status would not automatically change from F1 to H1B on October 1, 2018.

Instead, you would have to leave the United States before commencing employment in H-1B status to apply for an H1B visa at a U.S. consulate.For H1B Visa Process Visit Orphosys Corp.

If you apply for an H-1B visa abroad, you could be subject to long wait times during the visa application process, which could delay your ability to begin your H-1B employment on time.

If you have not yet completed your studies, you should be able to reenter the United States in F-1 status to resume your studies, even if you leave while the H-1B petition is pending.

However, you would not be eligible to continue working under the Cap-Gap extension provision. When you travel, make sure you have a valid passport with a valid F-1 visa stamp and a Form I-20 that is endorsed for travel.

You may (but not likely) be subject to greater scrutiny about nonimmigrant intent based on the filing of the H-1B petition. For more information about nonimmigrant intent, please click here.

If you have completed your studies and have not applied for OPT, you will not be able to return to the United States in F-1 status. If you must leave the United States, you will have to apply for an H-1B visa in order to return.

The U.S. Department of States allows you to apply for your H-1B visa stamp up to 90 days before your H-1B petition start date.

But procedures may differ among U.S. consulates, so you should check the specific instructions of the consulate where you will apply.

Once you receive your H-1B visa stamp, you may enter the United States up to 10 days before your H-1B petition start date.

What happens if you leave the United States after H-1B petition approval?

If you are an F-1 student in a valid period of OPT, you should be able to return to the United States in F-1 status.To know more information on h1b recruiting agency visit Bpas

You must be able to show immigration officers that you intend to comply with F-1 rules (e.g., abiding by the terms of your OPT), including having nonimmigrant intent (i.e., ties to your home country).

You will need the following documents in order to reenter in F-1 status:

1) a valid passport with a valid F-1 visa stamp;

2) Form I-20 that is endorsed for travel/OPT by your DSO within the last 6 months;

3) a valid EAD card; and

4) a letter from your OPT employer that verifies your employment.

If you do not have a valid job offer, you may not be readmitted and your OPT may be terminated.

If you are an F-1 student and your OPT period has expired, but your H-1B was filed before your OPT EAD expired, you will receive a cap-gap extension of stay and work authorization through October 1, 2018. For more information about the cap-gap provision, please click here.

You will be permitted to travel abroad and return to the United States in F-1 status before October 1, even if your OPT EAD is no longer valid on its face. Please note that you will be able to seek readmission to the U.S. in F-1 status during a Cap-Gap period only if your H-1B change of status petition has been approved prior to departure.

In order to return, you must have the following: 1) a valid passport with a valid F-1 visa stamp; 2) Form I-20 that is endorsed within the last 6 months for travel/cap-gap extension of stay and work authorization; 3) your expired EAD card, and 4) a copy of your H-1B petition and approval notice.

Skoda Rapid Facelift Review & Test Drive

Skoda Rapid Test Drive in Pune

Skoda Rapid Overview

Isn’t it nice to see how some automobile companies are getting technologies from high-end car models and planting these into sub-R10 lakh models? Last year we saw a few such cars and, of these, two were from Volkswagen—Polo GT TSI and Vento TSI. Both these models were powered by Volkswagen’s TSI engines—which are compact, powerful and use less fuel when compared to bigger, normally-aspirated engines—and both these models were equipped with the company’s direct-shift gearbox, called the DSG.

But then if Volkswagen gives its cars such technologies, can Skoda be far behind? After all, both are siblings. Last month Skoda launched its new Rapid, powered by the new 1.5 TDI engine and, of course, the DSG gearbox.

First, what is a DSG gearbox? It is a direct-shift gearbox which houses two clutches with two drive shafts. Clutch 1 engages 1st, 3rd, 5th and reverse gears, while clutch 2 engages 2nd, 4th and 6th gears. When a gear change is made, the next gear is already pre-selected but not yet engaged. It takes just three to four hundredths of a second for one clutch to engage while the other is released. The gear change is not noticeable to the driver and is achieved without any interruption in the power flow.

Skoda Rapid Design

Like the Octavia, the Skoda Rapid has also been an underrated car and we strongly believe that the Czech based car manufacturer should have introduced this facelift at least a year ago, but well, better late than never. The updated Rapid now gets a new front look which is more in line with Skoda’s family design that we have seen on the Octavia, Superb and the recently unveiled Kodiak. The face gets a new grille, which is surrounded by a chrome accent piece and angular headlamps ensuring the aggressive look that designers at Skoda intended.

The new sharper bumper that gets a large honeycomb air intake compliments it and fog lamps on either side. The rear of the car also gets some minor changes. These include a revised bumper and addition of chrome strip on the boot lid, which feels just a bit overdone and reminds one of the Vento. It also gets redesigned alloy wheels, a boot-lip spoiler and re-profiled tail-lamps. The top-end variant of the car also gets LED daytime running lights as a part of the dual barrel headlamp. Although the side profile has remained almost unchanged, the overall design does make the car look younger and fresher.

Skoda Rapid Cabin

The dashboard is identical to the earlier Rapid’s, which in turn is shared with the VW Vento. The dash design is restrained, but everything is where you expect it to be. Taking centre stage is a new large and reasonably crisp 6.5-inch touchscreen that comes with USB, AUX and Bluetooth support as well as MirrorLink connectivity. Other new equipment include rain-sensing wipers and electronically-folding exterior mirrors, which help bridge the gap between the Rapid and better-equipped rivals. Skoda’s trademark ‘clever features’ are manifest in the form of a cardholder clip in the centre console to hold all your toll passes and the likes.View offers on Skoda Rapid in Bangalore at Autozhop

Other notable equipment include a tilt-and-telescopic steering adjust, automatically-dimming rear-view mirror, cruise control, cooled glovebox, climate control, rear AC vent, one-touch power windows and remote-controlled opening and closing of windows. Certain features are prominently missing, though, such as a rear camera and an engine start/stop button.

The Rapid is reasonably comfortable to sit in. The front seats are generally comfortable, with side-bolstering to hold you in place, and a large-enough seat cushion to support your thighs. Their lumbar section, however, feels a bit hollow and might irk you on longer drives. The rear seats are firm and supportive, offering adequate thigh support and legroom and good amounts of knee room; you won’t get the same sense of space as rivals like the Honda City and Maruti Ciaz, though. Frontal visibility for rear passengers is also not the best on account of the large front seats. However, the provision of a front, as well as rear armrest, is appreciated.

The Rapid’s 460-litre boot is not the roomiest in its segment, and the protruding wheel arches make it less-than-ideally shaped. However, the loading lip is wide and low, offering easy access. The lack of a boot-open button on the boot itself is slightly annoying – a little button inside the driver’s door needs to be yanked every time the boot has to be opened, though it is nice that the spring-loaded lid opens fully.

Skoda Rapid Engine

While the Rapid also gets the 1.6-litre MPI petrol engine, we drove the new 1.5-litre TDI diesel equipped with the DSG. (Both engines produce a maximum power of about 105 bhp.) First, the NVH levels are so good that once you shut the doors of the car, the diesel engine clatter almost disappears. The best thing about the new engine is its turbocharger—as soon as the engine reaches 1800-2000rpm, the turbocharger kicks in and provides a massive boost to the car. In fact, the effect is such that you feel everything around you is being fast-forwarded.To know more information on Skoda Rapid  check Kmindia

The DSG, expectedly, shifts gears at the speed of thought. While driving the Rapid within city limits is quite convenient—it’s got a tight turning radius and ample ground clearance—it is on the highway that the car shows what it is capable of. Find a smooth road, shift into the Sport mode, floor the accelerator, and the Rapid will leave many other mid-size sedans behind. It’s not that this performance comes at the cost of fuel-efficiency. The claimed mileage of the Rapid diesel is 21.14 kmpl for the manual and 21.66 kmpl for the DSG.

Skoda Rapid Riding

The Rapid’s suspension set-up is unchanged from before, which is not a bad thing at all. The low-speed ride is sufficiently absorbent, and only the largest of potholes thumps through to the cabin. As you speed up, you notice that the very softness of the suspension that makes it absorbent also makes the car bob slightly on undulating roads, but never to a point that it feels uncomfortable. Stability, on the whole, is quite good, making the Rapid an acceptable highway cruiser.The Rapid scores well in terms of handling too. While the steering does not offer too much feedback, it is light and accurate, rendering the car amply suitable for city driving. However, around corners, it does not feel tight or agile, and as such, isn’t a car that you will confidently swing into bends.

Skoda Rapid Safety

The new Skoda Rapid gets disc brakes with inner cooling, with single/piston floating caliper at the front, while drum brakes are at the helm of affairs at the rear. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and dual airbags are offered as standard safety features across the entire variant lineup. In addition, several sophsticated safety features, such as Electronic Stability Control, Hill Hold Control, Parktonic Rear Parking Sensors, automatically-dimming rear view mirror, etc., are on offer with the top-end grades.Apply car loan for Skoda Rapid at Fincarz.

Skoda Rapid Price in Bangalore

Skoda Rapid On Road Price is 9,82,273/- and Ex-showroom Price is 7,99,599/- in Bangalore. Skoda Rapid comes in 1 colours, namely Candy White. Skoda Rapid comes with FWD with 1598 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 103 bhp@5200-5250 rpm and Peak Torque 153 Nm@3750-3800 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Skoda Rapid comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Skoda Rapid Verdict

Skoda has been making decent cars right from the beginning, and Rapid has been one of the company’s best-seller in India due to its exquisite appearance, premium cabin and power-packed performance. The Skoda Rapid 2017 price is also aggressive, with a lot more features added. However, the company needs to work heavily on the after-sale department as it is where Skoda is crippled. The non-availability and expensiveness of spare parts is a major issue that Skoda needs to address as early as possible, if it intends to consolidate its position in the Indian market and retail higher volumes.